Holiday Revelry Begins with Flappers and Tractors

December 8, 2008 at 10:21 am (Good Times, Napa Valley) (, )

It was a fabulous weekend! 

Friday night I went to my friends Tiffany and Natalie’s house for a “Repeal of Prohibition” Party.  Yes, that’s right, lucky for us that silly legislative move called Prohibition was officially ended 75 years ago.  Because of this repeal I have a job, many late nights with friends, and lots of laughs.  I can’t even imagine life without bubbles and Coors Lights for Bocce.

Because it was a theme party I just HAD to dress up.  So I threw together the most “flappery” outfit that I could find in my closet.  Black dress with sequins, a sparkly headband, fishnets, and silver shoes……  all Glitz and Glam!  There was even black glittery eyeshadow and fake eyelashes involved.  The girls went all out and served Bellinis, Bathtub Gin, and lots and lots of wine.  All in all, it was a super fun evening.

The next night was a Napa Valley treat…the 13th Annual Calistoga Tractor Parade!  Yes, you read that correctly, a parade with tractors decorated for the Holidays.  I love stuff like this!  After the parade there was a quick stop at Suzie’s bar (or as Malcom says – Ana’s North).  There were cocktails…there was people watching…there was Blake dancing on a pole.

A great kick-off to the Holiday party season!



  1. mysticmiss said,

    go party girl go!!! you need to come to tel aviv.. you are going to love it !! its party city right on the beach, 240 days of sunshine , great food music and clubs.. see if you are tempted

    • girlinthevalley said,

      Its already on my list of places to visit, don’t you worry!

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