Obama – 08 – Oh my!

November 5, 2008 at 9:10 am (Napa Valley)

vote1Election day has come and gone.  We have a new president, thank God!  This was the most interested I’ve been in politics in years – from the Obama and Hilary battles to Sara Palin on SNL – it was quite the race/circus/show.  I can honestly say, I haven’t watched this much news since I lived in Europe and tuned into BBC on a daily basis.  CNN has been the first thing I turn on in the morning and the last thing I watch before bed.  No more “Girls Next Door” late night TV for me!

But on top of my relief that we finally have a breathe of fresh air breezing into the White House, I am extremely disappointed in my fellow Californians.  Prop 8…Prop 8…Prop 8.  Why support the hate?  Disturbing!

Some recent “personal” highlights over the past couple of months – some a high point during the race, and others a low (but pretty entertaining).

  • McCain’s congratulations speech – the right message to all of his supporters
  • The New Year’s Eve-like revelry in the streets of our great cities
  • The resurgence of “socialism” – REALLY!
  • Tina Fey as Sara Palin on SNL
  • Joe 6-pack and Joe plumber
  • Obama winning Ad Age’s “Marketer of the Year” – never underestimate the power of social networking

Cheers to Change!  Is was about time!


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