November 3, 2008 at 5:08 pm (Good Times, Napa Valley) (, , )

After sequestering myself inside for the rainstorm on Saturday, 4 Little PiggiesSunday left me a little stir crazy.  Must leave house, must be social.  So last night I attended the Amuse Cochon event at Silverado Vineyards. 

The theme: “Five Chefs, Five Pigs, Five Winemakers.” – A tribute to heritage and heirloom breeds, the chefs that turn them into delicious treats, and the winemakers who create great wines to wash it all down with.

The “Skinny”:  Each chef prepares a heritage breed hog from head to toe.  Each 70# pig could be pre-cooked, braised, grilled, pressed, pickled, rubbed, smoked, seared, sauced, spiced, injected, marinated, cured in any way, or otherwise prepared.  Guests and professional judges determine the winner based on creativity, classic preparation, and best overall flavor.  The winner was crowned  the “Prince of Porc.” 

The Chefs:
Chris Consentino, Incanto – San Francisco
Allan Benton, Benton Smoky Mountain Country Hams –
Peter Pahk, Silverado Resort – Napa
Taylor Boetticher, Fatted Calf Charcuterie – Napa
Ryan Farr, Orsen – San Francisco

Wineries:  Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyard, Hill Family Estate, Saddleback Cellars, Palmaz Vineyards, and Thomas Michael Cellars

The 5 Piggy Breeds:  Gloustershire Old Spot, Tamworth, Yorkshire Berkshire, Duroc and Magnalitsa

Scrambled Eggs and HamMy favorite piggy bite was by Allan Benton.  It was a buttermilk biscuit topped with fresh ham and smothered with jalapeno jelly…OMFG it was sooooo good!  My second favorite piggy bite was from Peter Pahk with Scrambled Eggs and Ham – yes just that simple, some scrambled eggs and deliciously fried pork belly.  A breakfast dish for champions!  But, really there were so many fabulous things to try – some that I didn’t even want to know what part of the pig they came from. 

All the chefs prepared winning dishes in my book, but with any competition a winner needed to be declared.  So here they are:
Creativity:  Ryan Farr
Classic Preparation:  Allan Benton
Best Overall:  Chris Cosentino

So much pork, so little time!


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