Joanie Luvs Bocce vs. Italian Stallions

September 16, 2008 at 8:39 am (Napa Valley)

It was a showdown for sure.  The #1 team (Italian Stallions) versus #2 team (JLB) engaging in battle for the top spot on Thursday nights. 

This was more than becoming the #1 team on Thursdays…this was personal.  The Italian Stallions make my blood boil (especially one member of the team).  To make matters worse, Britt and Tony had other plans…two of the starters gone!  It was up to me and Caffo on one end, and Bersofsky and Cappo Hearn on the other.  Paul, Helen Jane, Nora Lea, Malcom, Tom and Jess and my parents rooted us on.

It started out rough, we lost 12 to 4.  There was some frustration and frowning.  We had a team talk to pull it together.

The next game was better and we pulled out a win 12-9.

But, the fabulous part of the evening was winning the third game 12-0.  A complete spanking in the world of bocce.

JLB is now the #1 team on our night.  I have no idea what we rank in the overall league.  I will have to ask Cappo Hearn, he keeps track of this kind of stuff!



  1. Jess said,

    Hey Nat! Were Tom & I not there?

  2. girlinthevalley said,

    You are right! My super bad! I was just looking at the pictures…thats what happens when I try to recount what went on instead of immediately blogging about it. Will fix!

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