2008 Tuff-E-Nuff

September 15, 2008 at 12:25 pm (Travel) (, )

Made the trek to Bass Lake this past weekend to play in the annual Tuff-E-Nuff golf tournament.  (Oh yes, I do play golf…even if it is only 3 times a year!) 

Talked poor Caffo into going with me, boy was he in for some surprises.  Bass Lake on a normal trip is pretty exciting; Bass Lake with all the Tuff-E-Nuff golfers in town is a life changing experience.  I felt kind of bad for dragging an innocent into this experience, but if anyone could handle it I knew it would be Caffo.

For a little background info, my family has been putting on the Tuff-E-Nuff tournament since 1977.  It is called Tuff-E-Nuff because that was the name of my Grandpa Delbert and Uncle Larry’s race boat…pretty exciting stuff.  I hardly remember going to any of the boat races since I was super small, but I do have my dad’s racing jacket for being on the crew at one point.  I wear the jacket to bocce and it is a real crowd pleaser!

Weekend Highlights:

  1. While putting together the gift bags in the garage a car hit a tree next to the driveway and flipped a couple of times…didn’t see this but definitely heard it.  Lucky for everyone, the driver walked away with not even a scratch.
  2. Paul Bierly’s teeing-off swing…can’t explain but was like nothing I had EVER seen before.
  3. My 14 ft. put to get the team a Birdie…played with 3 boys so obviously wasn’t going to out-drive them.
  4. The Pines Bar…just a down-home, Coor Light drinking, good time, ALWAYS!  You know it’s a solid place when someone buys a round of Jaeger for the entire bar!
  5. Surfing behind my Uncle Mike’s boat…until I woke up today and my shoulder blades were aching.
  6. Just spending time with all the crazy people…thank GOD this tournament is only once a year.

Interested parties may want to know that the tournament next year is September 19, put it on the calendar…it is a rocking good time!


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