Joanie Loves Bocce – “Feels Like the First Time”

August 31, 2008 at 1:56 pm (Napa Valley)

I was soooo excited about this week’s bocce theme “Feels Like the First Time” because the challenge was to make something that I had never made before.  Something I had never made before…something that my bocce compatriots would like…something that would be easy to make because my week was looking quite busy.  What to do, what to do?

Flipping through one of my trusty food-friendly magazines a light bulb went off…chicken wings, oh yes one of my favorite things toeat while sipping on a frosty beer.

The plan was to prep Wednesday evening after work.  I would make the jalapeno sauce to toss the wings in and a blue cheese dip for dipping…because really you can’t eat wings without the blue cheese dip, it just isn’t right!  Then after work on Thursday I would cook the wings, toss them in the sauce and head out the door to bocce.  Ready to enjoy the evening with some good friends, playing, and food.

Not so much!  The wings never made it to bocce, and I barely did.  Why…lets say a small spell of bad luck. 

Due to the fact that is was 100+ degrees on Thursday, when leaving work I decided to take a load out to the car, start the AC and then get the rest of my stuff.  This seemed to be a foolproof plan…unfortunately my car decided to automatically lock the doors while I went back inside.  So for, 30 minutes my car was running, with the AC on full blast, waiting for Triple A to come to the rescue.  And once Triple A did arrive, problems weren’t solved immediately because my car is electronic and he couldn’t open with his usual tool so we had to duct tape the door and then stick a hanger through the small hole on the side and press the window open button so that I could stick my arm in and unlock the car!  Thank God!

But, because of my wonderful car having a mind of its own and not letting me inside there was no time to make the chicken wings…so sad!  On the bright side, I did make it to bocce on time to play the first game.  And I don’t mean to sound braggy or anything but the Joanies are kicking ass this fall season.  Our record 8 WINS, and 1 LOSS.  Looking good, looking good.


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