Joanie Loves Bocce – Food you can eat with one hand

July 25, 2008 at 8:20 am (Napa Valley)


The infamous pickle roll-ups

The infamous pickle roll-ups

OMFG – maybe one of the best bocce food nights ever!  We had pigs in a blanket, chicken wings (3 kinds), breakfast sandwiches, and of course I made pickle roll-ups in reverence to my foodie trip in Minneapolis (pickles, cream cheese, pastrami all on one toothpick…how can you go wrong there?)

But, besides the delicious eats it was a rough night of playing because the Joanies only won 1 of 3 games.  Imagine the bitterness of losing two games 11-12 and 11-12.  What was amiss you may ask?  Well, I am pretty sure it was the lack of red jacket wearing.  So the red jackets were donned and imagine the elation in game three as the Joanies spanked the opponents 12-4.  It felt like justice was finally served.

We are still among the top 6 teams of our night.  We will still make the playoffs.  We still are the most snazzy looking team in the history of bocce.

Things could be worse, and James and I did get a Casino…that means another Gold Star for my jacket!


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