Joanie Loves Bocce – It’s too damn HOT to Cook

July 14, 2008 at 10:38 am (Napa Valley)

So we all know that bocce is a social sport.  It is played for fun while we sip wine and nibble on tasty treats.  But, for some of us we like to win.  And losing to a team that knocked us out of 1st place last fall just doesn’t quite sit well.

Bocce was INTENSE this week.  And I will actually admit, wasn’t so much fun…I definitely had some anxiety while playing.

First game – lost 12-8.  We were ahead 8-2 and somehow just couldn’t get any points.

Second game – lost 12-11.  The was extremely painful considering we had them at 11-9 and just couldn’t pull it together.

Game three – won 12-10.  Thanks to Spencie and James and Kevin and Tom.  They should get 5 stars apiece for pulling this one off!

The one redeeming thing about bocce this week was the Helen Jane came with my new little friend Nora Lea.  She is a huge Joanie fan and will grow up to be a great bocce player like her mom and dad.


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