The Wine Auction Begins – 1/2 Bottles…Magnums

June 5, 2008 at 6:17 pm (Napa Valley)

All the Pretty BottlesOh yes, it is the best week in Napa Valley……..Wine Auction week.  Mine kicked off with two parties:

1.  1/2 bottle party at Taylor’s Refresher
2.  Magnum party at Travigne

It was my first time to the 1/2 bottle party – the antithesis of the Magnum party that is the “event” that everyone wants to go to, but really hard to get a ticket.  I really liked the party…but how could you not?  Beautiful weather, drinking great wine at picnic tables, fun friends and good food!  Britt and I tried at least 8 wines a piece in the 2 hours we were there and there was only one bummer in the bunch.  And when I say “try” it really means only 2 sips of each wine so NO, it wasn’t drunk-fest USA.

After an hour and a half break and a costume change I met Tinker at the Magnum party.  How to describe in 3 words:  1.  Exclusive  2.  Networking  3.  Outfits.   Exclusive because you have to be invited and show ID at the door.  Networking because everyone who’s anyone in the business is there and you better be ready with names and kisses on the cheek.  Outfits because seriously even though people are at one of the best parties thrown in Napa Valley during the year, there are still some really BIG doozies!  I like to sit near the entrance and watch everyone walk in so I can see what they are wearing…there are definitely some treats!  But, I did have some good bubbles and really delicious red wine.  On top of that I ran into some people I hadn’t seen in a REALLY long time so it was good times!

And, it’s just the beginning…keep ya updated!

XOXO – natalie


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