La Dolce Vida

April 5, 2008 at 6:34 am (Travel) ()

Ahh, there is nothing quite like Italy.  Fast cars, late dinners, boys in beautiful suits.  Everyone is talking and smoking and drinking and eating.  I could get used to this, oh yes I could.

I am in Italy for a wine tasting, the second largest wine tasting in the world – VinItaly.  It is mind boggling.  Each Italian wine region has a BUILDING and each producer has a booth.  One booth that I saw was built to replicate a castle in Tuscany.  There are VIP rooms and food, I love it!  How many people might you ask? Just the entire population of St. Helena (yes 5,000 people) are bopping around. 

My favorite producer so far is Valle dell’Asso from the region of Puglia.  All of their wines are 100% organic and they produce a red wine called Negramaro which I had never had before.  The Il Macaro (the magic) is a dessert wine that they served with chocolate covered gorgonzola.  Sounds weird, but it was delicious!  Besides the wine being great, I love the logo of a little owl which was taken from a greek coin dating back to 350 BC – a symbol of the region.  I love the owl so much that if I were to get another tattoo, it would be him!

Thats all for now!  Got to shower and be on my way to taste some more wine!


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