The Holiday – Day 8

March 31, 2008 at 12:48 pm (Travel) ()

So it´s day 8 of the trip and the current location is Tenerife, Espana.  An island in the Canaries that is closer to Africa than Europe.  An island full of sunshine and relaxation, so it was a much needed place after the hustle and  bustle of London.  Some sightseeing has been accomplished, but most of my day consists of sunning myself by the pool or ocean…it is heaven!

But, first things first I should recant my glorious 3 days in London.

London, sweet, sweet London.  For some DisneyWorld is the happiest place on earth – I have to disagree – for me it is London.  It is a city full of so much life and energy;  when I am there I feel truly alive.  My body tingles with anticipation at what I might discover…a new cuisine, a language I have never heard, a building that is 1,000 years old.  I can walk for hours through parks and museums, stopping at pubs for a quick bite and pint, then off to explore some new neighborhood.  Because each neighborhood has a secret or story to discover.  I could ramble on for hours about my LOVE for London, but it might get quite tedious so here is a breakdown of my 3 days:

Day 1 – The Arrival
No sleep on the plane,  makes for a very mushy brained Natalie.  Enjoyed first English breakfast – not for the light-hearted!  This consists of two fried eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, fried tomato, and toast.  Walk through Kensington Park (for those Princess Diana fans this is where here palace was).  Tour of British Museum.  Fish and Chips for lunch.  Walk around Covent Garden and SoHo (Red Light District) where we paid a visit to no less than 5 Pubs.  After 36 hours of being awake an early bed time.

Day 2 – 1,000 Years of History
Walking, walking, walking.  Through two parks and five neighborhoods.  Along the way we saw Harrod´s (the famed department store) and Buckingham Palace.  Tour of Westminster Abbey –  3,300 people buried on the spot including Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots.  Lunch at oldest wine bar in the city dating back to the 1500´s.  Saw the “sights” in the city of Westminster like the House of Parliament and Big Ben.  Pub Tour – visited 6 historical pubs in the “City” of London.  FYI – the “City” is the original area where the walled city of London was in medieval times.  It is now the financial center of London.

Day 3 – The City
Tour of St. Paul´s Cathedral – the spot where Princess Diana and Prince Charles got hitched.  Visited the Tower of London – my favorite spot.  A castle dating from the 11th Century.  It has it all…Traitor´s Gate, the place where Anne Boleyn got here head chopped off, the big black ravens.  Legend has it that the Ravens occupied the hill before the Tower was built.  If they ever fly away, the Tower will collapse and so will the British Empire!  A lot riding on the backs of those black birds.  A visit to more historic pubs across the river and dinner near Borough market.  Yummy English oysters!

So that´s it.  A highly condensed version of 3 extremely action-packed days that left me a tired little girl.  Needless to say, it was all worth it.  Worth every bloody pound spent, and blistered feet, and walking through the snow.  I would gladly do it tomorrow, especially after my little holiday in Tenerife.

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Hello world!

March 18, 2008 at 11:03 pm (Uncategorized)

I have to dedicate my first blog post to my dear friend Helen Jane.  

Nat and HJH

Helen Jane – I raise my glass to you!  This never would have happened without you!

And so it begins, the adventures of a girl in the valley.  A valley that I moved to a little over seven years ago and have never left.  A valley that cradles three of my favorite things:  wine, food and friends!

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